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My families recipies that have been passed down my family.

All of the recipies that you see have been passed down my family for a long time.

1. pilaugh– a kind of rice with vegtables, very good.

2.cnichel– a fried chicken.

3. little cookies- a little cookie that have been passed down my great, great, great grandparents, made of strawberry jam and icing, it is very hard to make.

4. sarmaliea roll with meat inside and spinach out side.

5. – it is a yummy food made from pickles and eggs, it is only served on Easter.


Human rights!!




        Every one has a right to be living in a house, not on the streets.

        Every child should have an education, not just going to work        when he/she is at the age of 5.

Every one should be able to choose their job, because a girl wanted  to work as a doctor, but she could not just because she is a girl.

Every one needs to have their own privacy, boy or girl.

Every one needs to be in a community where there is clean water and lots of places to live.

when every child goes to school, they should speak their languadge freely, because 40 yrs ago if you speak your own languadge in school, you would get beaten with a strong belt.

Every person, big or small, needs to have human rights!


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Racism hurts!!!!!!!!!!

Racism is when you get hurt and bullied because of where you’re from and because of your skin tone.
Did you know that 89% of school kids aged 13 and 17 have experienced racism.
I learned from a video that a girl from Australia was bullying another girl because she was Asian, so that is racism.
So today I learned that racism is bad because it hurts people and makes them feel bad.