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My movie review


The movie Frozen is a great movie. It is about a girl named Elsa who has magic powers and her sister, Anna. Long ago Anna got hurt by Elsa’s powers, so hurt that the rock people had to erase all memory fom her. Eventually the secret got out. Elsa was so scared, she ran away, also putting an ice spell on the kingdom. Now it is up to Anna to save the kingdom from getting…. frozen.

I think the movie is wonderful because it is showing the true power of family and love, rather then hate and fear, The movie uses music to tell the story and I love the songs that they sing. My favourite is “Let it go”.

The movie also features other characters, like Olaf the living snow man, Christof who breaks ice for a living , Christof’s reindeer who is funny and Hans, the evil prince.

The message is that love and family is the greatest power to have.

You have to watch it, it is a wonderful movie!


These are a few pictures of me!

SONY DSC  These 2 pictures are showing me learning new moves in my ballet class. The position in the first picture is called “Passe” and the one in the second picture is called “Attitude”.

Hope you like it!