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Winter is….

Winter is

Winter is …
Snowflakes falling on the ground.
Winter is…
Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Winter is…
making Christmas cookies.
winter is…
Playing outside in the snow.
Winter is…
Having a Christmas dinner.
Winter is..
Wearing jackets and snow pants.
winter is…
Enjoying a white Christmas.
Winter is…
A beautiful season, getting ready for Christmas
and having fun in the white, white snow!

A really cool blog

I went on this blog and I deicided to write about it, her name is Rachel. I love her blog because It has lots of information and lots of pictures and I love her background, every one come check out her great blog at

P.S I bet you’ll like it!.

Q and A

1. What makes a great post?
A great post will grab the persons attenyion and make the person read it, it has to have lots of information , that is what makes a great post!!!!!

2.when you are out visiting blogs, what stops you and grabs your attention?
when I look at a blog the thing that grabs my attention is a post filled with information that I want to learn about.

3.How do you find great posts on a blog?
I look through the blog and I look at the posts with lots of information, and then I have a look at them.