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My passion

Q. Write about a passion or something you like to do.

A. My passion is ballet, because I like the grace and pose that goes into it.

Here is a picture of me doing ballet.


The move I was doing in that picture is called “Attitude”

It is hard to do.


This move is called “Passe“. It is a very simple move.

Spring is

Spring is Flowers, blowing in the air

Spring is Weeds

Spring is Mud

Spring is warmth

Spring is Fun

Because it’s just begun!

My favourite 10 places to visit in the world

1. Riviera Maya, Mexico

2. Romania

3. Australia

4. Miami, Florida, US

5. Virginia Beach, US

6. Banff National Park, CAN

7. Orlando, Florida, US

8. Jay Peak, US

9. Mont Tremblant, CAN

10. Cuba

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